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Do you know that skin is the largest organ of human body? Yes, it is, and it differs from person to person. It differs by color, moisture, firmness, oiliness. At that the main purpose of this organ is to protect us against infections, dirt, harmful chemical substances, UV radiation. Anyway, being so protective our skin needs protection as well.

Since early years girls know that the more care and attention you pay to your skin the more shine and beauty it will give in return.

These days there a lot of different skin-care products – cheap and expensive, of well-known brands and of smaller producers.

Anyway there are several rules which should be followed in order to make your skin shine. Never use abrasive and rough products as they damage epidermis, which may result in skin infection. Use moisturizing facial cream in winter time. In summer time avoid direct sunlight and protect your skin with special protecting creams.

It is useful to apply facial mask depending on your skin condition.
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