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Name : Zeodary Botanical : Curcuma zedoaria Other Names :Turmeric. Zitterwurzel. Family : Zingiberaceae Parts Used : Dried rhizome. Habitat : East Indies and Cochin-China. Description : There are two kinds of Zedoary, the long and the round, distinguished by the names of radix zedoaria longae (Curcuma Zerumbet, the Long Zedoary of the shops) and… Read more


Zea Mays

Corn, Indian Name : Corn, Indian Botanical : Zea Mays Other Names :Maize. Family : Graminaceae Parts Used : Seeds. Habitat : South America; also cultivated in other parts of America, in the West Indian Islands, Australia, Africa, India, etc., and now in France. Description : A monoecious plant. Male flowers in terminal racemes; spikelets,… Read more


Zanzibar Pepper

Name : Zanzibar Pepper Other Names :Africapepper, Africanred pepper, Americanpepper, Americanred pepper, Birdpepper, Capsicum, Chilipepper, Chilies, Cockspurpepper, Gardenpepper, Goatspepper, Podpepper, Redpepper, Spanishpepper, Zanzibarpepper Parts Used : Fruits Habitat : From the Greek kapto, I bite, capsicum is a biting plant. The bestcomes from Africa, Asia, and South America. It is produced in goodquality in the… Read more