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Uva Ursi

Name : Uva Ursi Other Names : Arberry, Bears grape, Kinnikinnick, Mealberry, Mountain box, Mountain cranberry, Red bearberry, Sagackhomi, Sandberry, Upland cranberry, Uva Ursi Parts Used : Leaves Habitat : Found in dry, sterile, sandy or gravely soil, exposed rock.Arctic to northern United States. Also found in Europe and Mexico.Found in 3,000-9,000 foot altitudes. Description… Read more


Unicorn Root

Name : Unicorn Root, True Botanical : Aletris farinosa Other Names :Colic-root. Stargrass. Starwort. Star-root. Blazing Star. Ague-root. Aloeroot. Ague Grass. Black-root. Bitter Grass. Crow Corn. Bettie Grass. Devils Bit. Family : Haemodoraceae Parts Used : Root, dried rhizome. Habitat : North America. Found at edges of swampy or wet sandy woods, from Florida northward,… Read more



Myths : Only mankind eats the starch from the seed and throws away the materialsnecessary for the metabolism of that starch. The mucilage of the flaxseed, obtained by boiling in water or winewas once used to give body to red wines. Cotton and flax were among the earliest substances used for clothfabric, having been found… Read more