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Red Silk Cotton Tree

Botanical Name : Bombax Ceiba Family Name : Bombacaceae Common Name : Red Silk Cotton Tree, Cotton Tree, Indian Bombax, Kapok . Part Used : Roots, Gum, Bark, Flowers, Seeds. Habitat : It is found in eastern-himalayan regions, abundant in assam and west bengal. Uses : The roots are sweet, cooling, stimulant, restorative, astringent, alternative,… Read more



Name : Rice Botanical : Oryza sativa Other Names :Nivara.Dhan.O. montana.O. setegera.O. latifolia.Bras.Paddy. Family : Graminaceae Parts Used : The seeds. Habitat : East Indies. Most sub-tropical countries. Description : Rice is an annual plant with several jointed culms or stems from 2 to 10 feet long, the lower part floating in water or prostrate,… Read more


Rauwolfia serpentina

Rauwolfia is an erect herb with a smooth stem. It grows in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand It is mostly found in moist deciduous forests at altitudes ranging from sea level to an altitude of 1,200 m high. In the Deccan, it is associated with bamboo forests.It is an evergreen, perennial, glabrous and… Read more