Behen White

Centaurea behen
An annual or perennial herb, native to Iran and considered as source of the drug Safed Behman. Stems erect, glabrous, 60-150 cm in height, basal leaves petiolate, 55 cm x 15-18 cm, lyrate; upper ones oblong, obovate to lanceolate; capitula solitary with yellow flowers; achenes 5-6 mm, with 5-8 mm long pappus. The odor of root of Centaurea behen Linn. is aromatic.
The Arabic Name for this herb is Behman. The English Names for this herb are Behen, Centaurea. Centaurea are copious nectar producers, especially on high-lime soils, and are major honey plants for beekeepers. Star thistle varietal honey is light and slightly tangy. It is one of the finest honeys produced in the US, but as it is abundant, some of it is fraudulently relabeled and sold as the scarce, expensive Sourwood honey of the Appalachian Mountains.
It is native of Iran . It occurs in India and Pakistan.
Other Names:
White Behen, Safaid Behmen, White Behmen, White Rhapontic,Centaurea Behen Linn, Behen, saw-leaved centaury.behman safaid mim kofia, behman safaid nimkofta, behman safaid, behman safaid nim kofta, Salivahaernotodes.

From the roots of Centaurea Behen a crystalline unsaturated lactone having a molecular formula C24H48O3 has been obtained. It contains a crystaline alkaloid BAHAMINE..It has been found to contain a methoxy group and to yield a tetrabromo derivative.

Contra-indications :
No Contra Indication information or toxicity information is available for Centaurea behen Linn.

Safety : According to herbalists the temperament of root of Centaurea behen Linn. is 2nd order, warm and dry. So large
dose or prolonged use is regarded as harmful for individuals with warm temperament.
Uses :
Safed Behmen is a natural ancient herb still popular in middle-east countries. It can increase the stamina beyond limits. This can be truly called Treasure of Strength as it promote vigor, cures premature ejaculation and promotes stamina. Behen is used in jaundice and calculus affections, heart ailments, Palpitation theriac, pugative, increases weight, improves sperm quality and increases the volume of male semen.
Centaurea behen L. is effective in strengthening heart and improving memory, relieves sexual debility, thickens seminal fluid. and also used for alleviating stomach problems and initiating menstruation. It is used also as Aphrodisiac, exhilarant and cardiac tonic.
The Indications of Root of Centaurea behen Linn. are Jaundice, Sexual Debility, Calculus Affections, Memory Weakness, Tuberculosis. It improves the body heath and famous for producing of semen in males.
Dosage : root powder 3.000g 7.000g
Used In Medicines: Neobax Capsules, StayOn Capsules


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